In the Mixing: We invest a lot of time in our products, so you should take your time to enjoy it. So that the flavors come into their own, here are our eight recommendations for perfect enjoyment:

  • The recommended serving temperature for all spirits is 15-18 ° C.
  • Store your brandy bottles in rooms with a constant cool temperature.
  • Edelbrände have two souls: their smell and their taste, therefore you use best thin-walled aroma glasses, in which the bouquet can unfold properly.
  • Close the brandy bottle after opening and store it standing upright, otherwise corky taste may occur.
  • Fires do not like light. They are bottled in a clear bottle, so keep them away from light.
  • Edelbrände are also very good for Cocktails and to Refinement of desserts.
  • Even with menu sequences, brandies are recommended as a liquid "intermediate" or as a complete menu support.
  • As a digestive after a successful meal, the brandy is always a fitting conclusion.