From the tree to the barrel

The refinement of products in wooden barrels has always been a high art. This is especially true for fruit brandies, because not every fruit is suitable for maturing in the barrel. However, some varieties are real treasures in wood. By storing in the 350 liter large and thus particularly breathable barrels creates an aromatic, but at the same time incredibly mild fire with a beautiful color.

In addition to the selected wood species, toasting is the key to the later flavors of the distillate. But before a barrel can be toasted from a tree, it has to grow for many years. As a rule, the trees are over 200 years old, which are further processed at the coopers. They should be as even and straight as possible and have few branches.

When the coop arrives, the tree trunk is examined, then quartered and sawn into individual staves. These are deposited in the air for 2-3 years, so that the wood does not dry too fast and breaks if necessary. Depending on weather conditions, therefore, sometimes also umgeschichtet and relocated. If the wood meets the requirements for barrel production, the barrel can be made from the individual staves.

The aromas in the barrel

However, it is only with toasting that the formative aromas come into play. Not only are different processes used for this, but also the duration and the temperature play a decisive role in the final result. Many years of experience and the know-how of the coopper are needed to ensure that the barrel produces the right aromas, such as vanilla.

Eine Vorbelegung der Fässer wie man das bei Wein, Whisky etc. kennt, spielt in der Brennerei Scheibel und insbesondere bei den Obstbränden kaum eine Rolle, es werden fast ausschließlich neue Fässer der Küferei Wilhelm Eder aus Bad Dürkheim verwendet. „Obstbrände sind besonders sensibel und nur wenige eignen sich für die Reifung im Fass. Es hat Jahre gedauert die richtige Konstellation von Holz, Toasting und Obstbrand zu finden, damit die Frucht immer noch ein zentraler Akteur im Destillat bleibt“, so Michael Scheibel, Inhaber der Brennerei.