At home in the Black Forest

Hardly any other region in Germany is so much about entrepreneurship and the preservation of traditions like the Black Forest. At the same time, the region is known for its numerous innovations. Since 1921, the Scheibel family from Kappelrodeck has been dedicated to the creation of fine fruit spirits that you can not only taste, but truly experience. And the family business is today firmly rooted in the region, the Black Forest.

Especially in southwestern Germany, in the Upper Rhine Graben, traditionally a lot of fruit is grown. In particular, the Ortenau is known, yes you can almost say famous for their fruit growing. This is due to the mild climate, which is very favorable for fruit growing, in addition, the foothills of the Black Forest and the Rhine valley best conditions for this. Apples, pears, cherries, plums, plums and mirabelles thrive there magnificently. The forests offer blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.

The peasants used to have fruit in abundance and often more than they could sell. Therefore, 1726 authorized the Bishop of Strasbourg to burn cherries for their own use. Also in the Acher- and Kinzig Valley, the fruit cultivation and thus the firing craft was promoted. In particular, in the Black Forest, a distinct firing culture with numerous distilleries developed gradually - in addition to the glass blowing and the watchmaking trade, for which the inhabitants had plenty of time in winter.