The perfect menu companion

Classical spirits form the conclusion of a classic menu, and liqueurs or spirits can make an aperitif on the menu. But a brandy can do so much more! Therefore, you can not and should not only serve our products as digestifs or aperitifs. The large variety of flavors makes them perfect menu companions. In our Menu recommendations find inspiration or just become creative yourself. If you stick to some basic principles, you will quickly find the right companion:

  • General rules from the wine world give a first orientation in the choice of the noble brand.
  • Dark meat like game needs dark fruits (cherries or plums), light meat like poultry goes well with bright fruits (quince, apricots or mirabelle plums).
  • What that proven interaction of flavors on a plate, also applies to the combination with Edelbränden. Cherry goes well with chocolate, quince with asparagus, plum with venison and a rose apple with black pudding.
  • Grab a single ingredient out of your court, you emphasize with the fire would like. For a salad with raspberry dressing we recommend, for example, a raspberry brandy, to dishes with nuts our noble barrel 350 Nussler.
  • Put contrasts, by bring new flavors into play or Ingredients through the brandy replace, For example, combine finesse apricot with a strong cheese or the finesse pear to a chocolate walnut flan.

Or the simplest: experiment freely with the flavors!

You are unsure and would like a personal recommendation? Then write us, we are happy to advise you individually.