Good fires need time. No matter if it means the time to ripen the fruit, the right timing for the distillation or the ideal storage time. We give our products all the time they need to meet our quality standards. Take your time for the enjoyment!

pioneering spirit

The Scheibel Trail has never been a beaten track. In this sense, we pursue the goal of constantly developing ourselves and our products. With visionary procedures, like the Distillation over gold, and new products such as our Future range, we are always new ways. Experience for yourself.

focal tradition

Burning is an art and a traditional craft at the same time. Many tried and tested burn wisdom still determine our actions today. So we are the only commercial enterprise in Germany that still looks like one hundred years ago distilled over fire, This creates fires with a unique character!


Quite a lot of work processes are done by us as in the old days. That is indeed the case, because in this way we succeed in making our premium brandies noticeably different for the consumer from the mass products of many competitors.

pleasurable experience

The love for the product, the time and the passion we put into the production of our distillates should be experienced by the customer with all senses. Whether at Private Tasting, a guided tour of the distillery or a visit to our sales room - enjoyment is always our top priority!