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10 myths about liquor

They still haunt, myths about fruit brandy. Burning a fruit brandy, it is best to drink it ice cold and anyway it is made only from cheap fruit. Not even close. The Emil Scheibel Schwarzwald distillery clears up the most common myths around the subject of fruit brandy with the 10: 1) Fruit brandies are made from cheap fruits. [...]

By vintage car to the gin idea

Some ideas are created on paper, others are the result of happy circumstances. The idea for the "the OriGINal", the gin of the Emil Scheibel Black Forest distillery, is, for example, due to the fortunate circumstances of a trip to England in the classic car that owner Michael Scheibel made years ago and from which he inspired himself barrel ripe gin [...]

Brandy menu: a look beyond the horizon

Classical spirits form the conclusion of a classic menu, and liqueurs or spirits occasionally make an aperitif on the menu. But a brandy can do so much more. So why not try something new and accompany a menu with the noble fires instead of just serving them as a digestif? Michael Scheibel, owner of Emil Scheibel [...]

Treasure hunt in the Black Forest

If you want to find treasures in Kappelrodeck in the Black Forest, you do not need a treasure map or a compass and you do not have to solve puzzles or crack any secret codes. A visit to the Emil Scheibel Black Forest distillery is completely sufficient. Because always from the 1. September, the company presents selected products from its own treasury in limited edition. In this […]

Burning times

An ancient craft on the one hand and high-tech on the other hand, a lot has happened in the world of combustion in recent decades. Thus, technical innovations are also making their mark at the Emil Scheibel Schwarzwald distillery. Why is there next to the futuristic distillery, new time 'the historic distillery, OLD TIME' operates and in which the procedures [...]

The aroma game - cocktails

Long before people knew anything about distillation techniques and the production of alcohol, you already ate fermented fruits. From this point of view, the fruit brandy is probably the most original form of alcohol we know. Today, there is a surprisingly large selection of fine spirits that open up new possibilities for innovative bartenders. Why fruit spirits and spirits not only pure [...]

Art of mind from the Black Forest

Hardly any other region in Germany is so much about entrepreneurship and the preservation of traditions like the Black Forest. At the same time, the region is known for numerous innovations. Since 1921, the Scheibel family from Kappelrodeck has been dedicated to the creation of fine fruit spirits that you can not only taste, but truly experience. The Genussmanufaktur stands for lived pioneering spirit, traditional [...]

The sun in the glass - the new spring liqueur

It has never been so easy to leave the winter behind as it did this year: Just in time for the beginning of spring on the 20. In March, the Emil Scheibel Schwarzwald distillery from Kappelrodeck will present its new, limited spring lime paradise Sonnen Limone. The premium liqueur with its bright yellow colors brings the sun into the glass and surprises with its fruity fresh [...]

Goldsch (l) may give new time in the Black Forest - Scheibel

Rooted, not fused - this is the motto of the Scheibel family from the small town of Kappelrodeck in the northern Black Forest. The distillery, which manufactures noble distillates in the third generation, sticks to traditional craftsmanship, but at the same time controls the future with modern methods. The Brennanlage Neue Zeit is an example of how old knowledge with state-of-the-art [...]

Pear reinterpreted: Scheibel Moor-Pear

The pear is one of the classics among the noble spirits. But why not simply reinterpret a classic fruit completely? Michael Scheibel, managing director of the Emil Scheibel Black Forest distillery in Kappelrodeck, thought so too. The result is the pear pear, an aromatic pear brandy that combines intense pear with a peaty-smoky flavor and is everything, just [...]

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